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Jeg står bak Livet som Krølltopp!


Velkommen til Livet som Krølltopp, bloggen hvor jeg dokumenterer livet i form av the struggles og the not so struggles. Nyt lesingen og send meg en melding på Instagram om du har noe på hjertet.

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As the students start to show themselves with their freshers-weeks, I realise that I am no longer a student, and probably never will be again. Never say never, as Justin Bieber would say, but right now I am all into work-mode. While they are worried about making friends, getting good enough marks and partying harder than ever before, I am ordering way too much jalapeños and writing lists on things to clean... :P
I went straight on to studying after high school, I have always been a student and it feels very strange that I am not a part of this big movement of people in Bergen these days. Here are some of my finest memories from NKF, my first two years as a student.
Freshers-week in 2009!

My 20th birthday..

The day we set a Guinness World Record in the worlds largest painting made of footprints. Designed by two companions and myself. (Also the day I ruined my One Piece and white shoes.. :P)
Classtrip to London

The first time we visited Southampton Solent; letterpress, screenprinting and a lot of dreams of a future here...
Parties with my classmates

We went to Hemsedal..
And had an easter-party with A LOT of leftovers
Waka waka
Soooo many hours spent in rooms like this
And then I moved to Southampton for my final year, which I think we'll have to talk about in a part two...
Being a student is awesome, I really envy you who are starting now. :D Good luck!