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Velkommen til Livet som Krølltopp, bloggen hvor jeg dokumenterer livet i form av the struggles og the not so struggles. Nyt lesingen og send meg en melding på Instagram om du har noe på hjertet.

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One of the things I don’t like about living in a shared accommodation is the fact that you spend all your time in bed. I know, it sounds like a bit of a dream, but I can tell you now it is not!
When I first moved to England I shared a flat with three other girls. We spent most of our time in our bedrooms, mostly because we were working on our own projects, but as well as that the living room was huge and freezing cold. When I came back to Norway I got to live in "my own apartment" for one month before I had to move again. Where I live now we were seven people, now we are six, who share basically everything - except for the same sense of hygiene. 
We are all very different, and not any more friendly than we have to be, which leads to everyone spending time in their own room. Once I got home from work today, I got into bed and have now been in here for five hours. Can you believe it?!
My back constantly hurts, I have to change the sheets very often, my clothes surround me on every end of the room and in the bed with me I have the following items:
a soda 
a teddy-bear 
The only reason for me to lift my ass off from this spot is when I have to use the lavatory. It is not even that I don't have a desk and chair, I do, but both of them suck, are uncomfortable and the desk keeps falling down, stupid thing.
The point is, it can’t really be good for a person to spend this much time in one bed, in one room with nothing but the Internet on. I notice that I don't have any sense of rhythm in the day, I do not feel like eating and all I do is surf the web, watch movies and daydream about working on some actual graphic design. I never work with design anymore.